What are the standard requirements for non-standard parts processing?

Website editor:admin │ time:2019-07-01 

The development of our country, some industries in our country are constantly expanding, and the scope of expansion, the scope of expansion has been exported, and also in cooperation with foreign manufacturers, and now the state promotes industry development and national diplomacy, so that our country’s popularity, or There will be more wholesale quantities of products, and it shows that some products in our country are distributed in foreign markets. Nowadays, there are many specifications and types of machinery, or cnc processing. The distribution of parts and the processing of parts have certain requirements on the one hand and the precision, for example, the standard of non-standard parts processing!

The first is to take the cylinder as an example: for example, what is the diameter of the cylinder, there are strict requirements, the positive and negative errors are within the required qualified parts, otherwise it is a defective part; if the diameter of the embedded cylinder is too large and exceeds the allowable The margin of error will cause the actual diameter to be too small and exceed the lower limit of the allowable negative value of the error, which will cause the insertion to be too loose. There is an unstable problem.

The second is not a qualified product, or the cylinder length is too long or too short, beyond the allowable error, are unqualified products, have to be scrapped or reworked, which will inevitably lead to increased costs.

The third is advanced non-standard precision parts processing equipment and testing equipment. Advanced processing equipment makes the processing of precision parts easier, more precise and better.